sinister luck ensemble
sublime trumpet, pedal steel, vibraphone and clarinet push and pull against a world-class rhythm section, gently developing instrumental themes of loss and redemption...

sinister luck ensemble anniversary
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glorious debut disc. this group, assembled by charles kim, work together on anniversary to form a new soundscape of regal and serene moods... strains of dirty tangos, lunar waltzes, and twisted dirges assume dreamlike suspensions and rumbling sonorities. a cinematic songbook written for bottomless swamps and darkened frontier roads. mark hollis meets miles & gil here. enhanced cd includes short film by jeff economy. (2002)

charles kim (pinetop seven, boxhead ensemble) -
guitar, dobro, pedal steel, loops jason adaciewicz (central falls) - drums, vibraphone, glenn kotche (wilco, jim o' rourke) - drums, percussion, kent kessler (vandermark 5) - upright bass, robert cruz - accordion diana parmeter - cello. w/ andrew bird (andrew bird's bowl of fire) - violin, rob mazurek (isotope 217, chicago underground duo) - trumpet, ken vandermark (vandermark 5) - clarinet, bass clarinet

track listing
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anniversary - the black pool - cakewalk - sinister luck - spit in the well - reservation dream - small of the back -what holds them above - channel - deep ellum - the astonished heart - this will all be yours



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