"a man was sitting in his kitchen, drinking whiskey and playing with his gun. his child was sleeping in the next room. he saw a rat. he shot at it. six times until he had no more bullets. he finished his whiskey and fell asleep with his head on the kitchen table. when he awoke the next day he went to go wake his child for school but the child didn't move. when you're done with loftus, you'll be out of bullets and whiskey." (sippy baldwin)


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definitive collaboration between red red meat & rex with bundy k. brown. recorded in a foxhole during the great powerwasher wars of 1996 - everything changed with this one. cut up improvisations, twisted country blues, beautiful songs and deep dub soundscapes. seeds that yielded califone, HiM, oRSo, sin ropas and the tragically undocumented curtis harvey trio were planted here. handmade silkscreened sandpaper packaging by steve walters.The Big Bang. (1997)

bundy k. brown (pullman, directions in music), brian deck (califone, oRSo, rrm), curtis harvey (pullman, rex), tim hurley (sin ropas, califone, rrm), ben massarella (califone, oRSo, rrm, drumhead), tim rutili (califone, rrm), doug scharin (HiM, out in worship, rex, captain on board, drumhead), phil spirito (oRSo, out in worship, rex).

track listing
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raisin - emma's rubber leg - haywine - stolen from a rifle clean brothel - king carp in a dan ryan ditch - theme from loftus nine - nervous - bell and hammer-penguin boy's love story - when the electricity goes out in the submarine - marlon perkins - cake - blind


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