4deuces recording

clava studios

222 w.33rd st

chicago, il 60616

(312) 225 8440



4deuces/clava: a custom-built and designed 1,300 sq. ft. professional recording facility. no, really, an actual recording studio.

not your bass player's bedroom, 4deuces was custom-designed and built in 1999 by recording engineers and musicians seeking maximum sound quality, isolation and flexibility.  excellent acoustics and professional gear mean your recording quality doesnt have to suffer even when you're on a budget. use the 800 sq. ft. main room or an isolation room to get the drum sound you need...utilize the large main room for a variety of far-micing techniques... natural light and intelligent design merge at 4deuces to create a comfortable and fruitful recording environment

analog or digital?  yes.

quit arguing, we've got both.  track into our 3M model 79 16-channel deck or straight into protools.  fly tracks back and forth.    enjoy the warmth and transparence of the preamps on our amek console.  be guilty.  be happy.  be.


full protools editing environment

slice and dice with impunity on our 24-bit digidesign pro tools 5.1 system.  leave in those inspired nuances or obliterate those embarrassing blunders -- you make the call.  overdub with extreme prejudice.  or don't.   midi with protools or logic platinum. 


not just oxygen/nitrogen...4deuces serves as a bunker in which you can focus exclusively on your project in comfort.  flexible lighting, 100% professional heating/ cooling system and intelligent design make clava a relaxing place to get a lot of work done.

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